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Anonymous said: Daily reminder 4#: your ass is incredible!!

Haha!! Needs to be bigger! But thanks

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kn0wsn0thing said: If i didnt already think you were stunning... your hair! could you come here please?

Oh thankyou sweetie 😳 x

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Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

Every little thing is gonna be alright

You have no idea how much this song has helped me keep strong over the last 13 days!

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Anonymous said: Daily reminder 3#: Waking up next to that beautiful beeing that you are has to be the greatest thing ever.


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Anonymous said: You're looking absolutely wonderful. We've not spoken in a while and It looks like things are going great for you, which I'm really glad about <3

Thankyou :) who are you?

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kinell said: I'm a little slow so forgive me, but holy jesus your hair is fantastic! Although I was a fan of the previous style too!

Ahhh thankyou haha it’s taken a while to get it this colour. Gonna be bubble gum pink soon I hope!! Xx

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Anonymous said: Daily reminder 2#: one can spend decades of wandering, exploring and mapping, but would still get lost in your eyes.

Oh wow thankyou! 🙈

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